Square 15-45

code: AT30


The tether system called “cravatte” (ties) is made up of 4 elements in galvanized steel, which assembled as in
figure in the appropriate holes and blocked with wedges make up a load-bearing structure called “cassero”, which place vertically it has the structural stiffness to allow the casting of concrete inside for the formation of pillars,
with this system you can quickly and safely build pillars with dimensions varying from 15cm. at 45cm.

In order to work safely and have a good result, the following precautions must be observed:

  • Before using the formwork, make sure that all the elements are not deformed or cracked.
  • Make sure all wedges are positioned correctly.
  • Respect the recommended center distances (see example), it is the job of the site manager to ensure the exact yield.
  • Make sure that the casting into the formwork is done progressively and gently, in any case it must not exceed 2.5 metres/hour.


Example of correct spacing for the reinforcement of a formwork 3 meters high.

Attention, the formwork must be positioned as in the figure.

There are cases in which it is necessary to work differently, in this case scrupulously following the orders given by the site manager.

Before casting, the site manager must ensure that all safety conditions have been met.

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