Armo Asola Spacers


  • Our ARMO ASOLA spacers are made to be used not only in their size, but, if necessary, the same spacer can be used for different undersized dimensions (see table below).
  • Another advantage is that when the spacer is covered with concrete the holes do not allow air bubbles to form underneath allowing the concrete to completely fill the formwork.
  • The dimensions and load capacities are guaranteed by checks made with the FEM module and supported by transformation certification and chemical analysis certification of the material’s origin.
  • The package is flat and rigid in a heat-shrunk nylon film.


This table is indicative, the distance between the distances of the spacers and the task of the site safety officer, in the event of a very fluid concrete casting and in the winter season, reduce the distance between the distances by 10%

Spacer length Height of the pour Recommended wheelbase
Cm 10-20 Cm 200-300 Cm 25
Cm 10-20 Cm 300-400 Cm 20
Cm 25-40 Cm 200-300 Cm 30
Cm 25-40 Cm 300-400 Cm 25
Cm 45-140 Cm 200-400 Cm 30


To give a complete service to the customer our spacers are packed flat, rigid (for easy control and easy handling) in a shrink film, labeled with the recommended installation instructions (see attached photo below)

Flat packed
Storage pallets

Certificate of chemical analysis of the material

Transformation certificate

Example of use of ARMO ASOLA spacers

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