SAM and FLAT SAM type spacers

Premet Srl specializes in the production of accessories for wooden formwork, this type of type SAM and SAM PIATTO

SAM spacer

SAM Spacer Flat

All our spacers are made of iron with rounded edges, with guaranteed resistance material, flat packed on a heat-shrinking nylon film.

Galvanized SAM wedge

Description: SAM wedge
The Sam wedge [used together with the Sam spacer and the Sam bracket] has the function of blocking the wooden panel used for the construction of the formwork at the end of its stroke.
Pay close attention that when using the wedge, it must be inserted into the slot of the spacer as far as it will go (about halfway up the wedge), and oriented in the right direction “the belly of the wedge must be oriented outwards” (see illustration in the photo ).

Example of SAM wedge engagement:

Galvanized SAM bracket:

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